Russian cats are commonly known as being Blue (This is a mid grey colour) and white.

They are a short haired breed and can have an Elusive temperament but also affectionate.

From a kitten they must be well socialised to have a good temperament.

The male cats are very social. Where the female cats can be aloof, the males will run to the door to great visitors.

Both male and female will call occasionally they are not overly "chatty".

The Whites are more prone to loosing fur than the greys but a once a week brush will keep this in check.

With the short coats the cats are easy to maintain.

We feed our cats a Varity of products and keep the diet varying.

This will include fresh meat, cat meat, tuna and fish products and dry food.

They are not generally prone to being overweight but for a cat kept in a small area it needs t be watched.



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